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Facilitating conversations between Employer and Employee.


Coach for Success is a proudly Australian developed,

produced, and owned, online Performance Review portal.

It has been designed with small to medium organisations in mind.

Team Meeting


Coach for Success is a structured online Performance Review portal that has been developed for small to medium organisations.  It is an easy to use portal for all ages and IT abilities.

It encourages (and reminds) leaders and employees to have meaningful conversations.

The days of 'managing' teams are no longer.  
At Coach for Success, we firmly believe that Continuous Coaching is the key.
Continuous Coaching means that leaders can, and should, interact with their employees on a regular basis.
They should be having chats about adherence to the organisation's Vision, Values, Behaviours and Goals.
To do this takes time and effort - and in most organisations, it is cast aside and put into the
'too hard basket'.

Coach for Success is an online portal that can be accessed 24/7 by employee and employer alike.

Check out below the average cost to recruit in Australia - much better to invest in the people that you have!

What is Coach for Success?

Cost to replace employees in Australia

Smiling Business Woman



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Senior Manager


Construction Site Supervisor



Coffee Shop Owner



Based on cost of termination, recruitment, advertising, loss of productivity,
training and time for employee to reach required level of competence.

Source: HRD Australia.  Data sourced from 1,500 HR professionals across Australia/New Zealand (19th November 2019)

Why would I need Coach for Success?

Most of us in Small to Medium organisations get busy doing stuff, mostly task related.  It is easy to get stuck into working in the organisation, rather than on it.  And by on it, I mean working with and for your most valuable asset, your team. 

As a leader, it is your privilege and obligation, to ensure that your team has the opportunity to develop, both professionally and personally.

Coach for Success is an online tool that facilitates conversation.

Recruiting new employees is an expensive way to try and build your culture.  Investing in the people that you already have will provide better outcomes for your team.

What if I don't have a Vision, Values and Behaviours in place?


We get it, you may never have been exposed to, or had the need for setting a Vision for your business, much less Values and Behaviours.

A Vision Statement provides a mental image of what the organisation will look like at some point in the future.  It is based on your goals and aspirations.  It provides the team with a clear focus of why you exist.

Having a clear set of Values will guide you to achieve your Vision.  It also ensures that teams are aligned.

Behaviours is how we do it.  They are the practical application of your Values, translating them into day-to-day actions. 

You can then place all of the above into your Position Descriptions and ensure that the team is held accountable to the agreed way of working in your organisation.

If this is something that you do not have in place today, we can assist you with this.

Please click the link below to have an obligation free chat with SME Support Services who specialize in this.

There are so many solutions in the market, why Coach for Success?

Coach for Success has been developed by experienced individuals who have enormous knowledge in the development of High Performing Teams.

The program is user friendly and designed to promote employer / employee conversation.

The design is static and unlike others in the market, remains simple and easy to navigate without all the bells and whistles that very rarely are utilised.

How safe is my data?

With our VPS hosting, you can rest assured that your data is protected by some of the most powerful security solutions on the market.

  • Server Firewall

  • DDoS Protection

  • Brute force detection

  • RAID redundancy

  • Monitoring Tools

  • IP Deny Manager

  • FTPS

  • Let's Encrypt SSL

How much is it?

Investing in your team's development is important, but here at Coach for Success we know all about Cash Flow, Return on Investment and well, Bang for your Buck.

Due to our frugal way of developing the program over a long time period with a local developer, we are able to pass on this saving to you.

Organized Files

From paper to digital.

Coach for Success will input your current Vision, Values, Behaviours, and Performance Goals.

A Super-User will be set up ready to input managers and employees.


One-off fee


Less than a cup of coffee per month!

Minimum initial subscription period is 12 months.


per month / per employee

Call Center

We have developed the portal to be super easy to use, however, if you get stuck, we will be here to help.


All prices are exclusive of GST
Once subscription period of 12 months has expired, monthly subscription applies with 4 weeks notice to cancel.

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